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TITAN launched in September 2022.  As soon as project deliverables are released they will be uploaded here for easy access, sharing and dissemination.

User Needs

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D2.1 TITAN Socio-Technical Framework and User Needs Analysis

Part 1 covers groundwork for the TITAN project, to explore and study relevant literature on citizen engagement in the fight against disinformation. Part 2 marks the progress of our work and research and includes our two-step approach for the critical thinking assessment and the user needs analysis. 

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D3.1 Report on Citizen Co-Created Design Principles for TITAN Conceptual Architecture

Reports on the citizen co-creation process in 8 countries with 215 people to better understand their news consumption, relationship to AI and how they currently consider disinformation. The results were analysed by industry experts to help provide reccomendations for TITAN solution design.



D1.2 Data Management Plan

This is a living plan that outlines how the consortium will collect, use and manage data during and after the project so it will be created and preserved according to EU privacy and protection laws.

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D6.1 Impact Enhancement Roadmap

Plan weaving together TITAN's communication, dissemination and exploitation workstreams to create a complementary strategy and approach for delivering impact from TITANs deliverabkes and key exploitable results.

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