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Our AI Approach...

Our intelligent coaching model/chatbot for upskilling people in assessing disinformation will be built by:

  • Mining of arguments and facts and identification of disinformation signals contained in the statement at hand through advanced, (including deep learning), Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology.

  • Incorporation of micro-lessons which contain media literacy material on fact-checking processes and use of corresponding tools, including, among other signals, learning more about the source, whether various types of logical fallacies are present, checking if an image is used with the correct content, searching for ‘click-bait’, checking the author, seeing how (and if) different news agencies have reported on the same event, searching in real-world checks from trusted sources around the world, verifying location of event by using public tools such as Google Maps, Google Earth, or Google Street View, among others.

  • Continuous monitoring of the user's progress, to provide targeted feedback and assess the citizen’s mastery in critical thinking, through a novel critical thinking assessment model that is based on socio-political and socio-cognitive considerations on the role and behaviour of the citizens in the disinformation landscape.

  • Assessment of the impact of sharing information through advanced monitoring and news trending of the social media networks.


More information coming soon...


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