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Work Packages

TITAN is a 36-month project organized into 6 work packages as per EU Funding & Tenders Online Manual (EU Funding Programs 2021-2027). The work plan has been carefully divided into 6 coherent Work Packages that are focused on specific aspects and have mutual relationships reinforcing its overall potential impact.

Project Presentation

WP1: Project Management

Deals with coordination and project management, in terms of communication, time, cost, risk, quality control, legal and ethical aspects. 

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WP2: Socio-Techno Framework Against Disinformation

Aims to understand the socio-political factors and psychological mechanisms leading to disinformation spreading; establish legal and ethical requirements of AI to tackle disinformation; determine user requirements for a citizen-centered intelligent coaching environment; specify related methodologies and models

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WP3: Citizen Co-creation Sessions

Contribute to ethically sound, societally responsible AI to fight disinformation, by developing co-creation design principles for TITAN; developing AI training data sets; and co-creating service prototypes. This WP will provide the logistic support for co-creation across the project .


WP4: TITAN Ecosystem & Platform

WP4 develops the TITAN Citizen Intelligent Coaching Ecosystem Platform defining: services and specs, the Data Model and the platform architecture;  AI techniques; datasets to train the AI models; integration of services, applications, and components, in a continuous integration approach.


WP5: Piloting & Evaluation

Ensures the TITAN tools will be tested and used iteratively by the target groups of the 3 use cases through a  common methodology and strategic pilot operations plan. The WP assures smooth testing and sustains the engagement of TITAN community members during the pilot stages​. Validation methodology evaluates the citizen’s experience of the TITAN solution and identify drivers and barriers for its adoption and use.


WP6: Impact & Sustainable Value Creation

WP6 focuses on communication, dissemination and exploitation strategies. It raises awareness about TITAN’s vision to increase citizen capability to tackle disinformation. Engages end-users and influencers in the activities of the TITAN-AI ecosystem. Shares TITAN results with relevant audience groups through appropriate channels. Defines sustainability models for TITAN’s commercial and non-commercial outputs.

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