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TITAN is a research and innovation project working with many concepts and ideas that are new to many people. Here we include useful presentations, papers and results from our work that may help with better understanding of our core themes. New outputs  will be added as work progresses. To download slides please visit us on SlideShare.

Socratic Thinking        Co-Creation             AI

General Concepts

GENERAL PRESENTATION: Short introductory slide deck about the aims of TITAN and our potential solution.

PRESENTATION: Overview of disinformation challenges and TITAN's approach given at EU Regions Week 2023

Critical (Socratic) Thinking

PRESENTATION: An introduction to the Socratic Dialogue model for stimulating critical thinking.

PRESENTATION: Ideas on how to measure critical thinking levels of participants.

PRESENTATION: Examples of how Socratic Thinking can be applied in dialogue form with viewers of online content.

PAPER: Conference paper showcasing factors that influence audiences perception of online trustworthiness


PRESENTATION: Results from the co-creation workshops run with citizens in the first 6 months of the project.

PAPER: Conference paper outlining the results from TITAN's

first co-creation phase. See page 148.


PRESENTATION: Given at EU Regions Week 2023 on how generative AI can be used to combat disinformation.

WHITE PAPER: Created by the AI Disinformatoin project cluster as the outcome of its 2023 conference

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