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Expected Impact

TITAN will empower people in the fight against disinformation and fake news. It adopts a human-centered and ethical approach to the development of AI technology by bringing together citizens and key players within an ecosystem of innovation, enabling them to affect change through cooperation and co-creation. By participating in TITAN, the following groups will achieve a range of benefits




Public Transportation
Chatting Over Coffee
Public Speaker
Office Scene
Crowd Applauding

General Public

  • Increased trust in online content

  • Enhanced critical thinking skills

  • Greater ability to investigate green product claims

  • Better consumer awareness

  • Less likely to spread fake news

  • Higher inclusivity of disenfranchised


  • Easier to train staff in verifying info

  • Greater ability to monitor fake news about themselves

  • Empowered to only act on verified information

  • Ability to build trusted relationships

  • Increased trust towards NGO & Charity sector

Political Parties


  • Increased public awareness of fake news issues

  • Ability to tackle on a large scale via the ecosystem

  • Less ability for parties to falsely sway public attitudes

  • Faster response times to fake news spotting

  • Increased trust in policies & decisions

Trade Unions

  • Ability to educate membership to reject fake news

  • Less people/ members tarnished by false stories/lies

  • Ability to share truthful stories and info to members

  • Able to focus time on priority needs based on trusted content

  • Build public trust


  • Support students with research 

  • Ability for journalists to assess trustworthiness of info before using

  • New standards for ethical AI in tackling disinformation

  • Spin-off tools, businesses

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