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Aline Duelen from VUB Presents Paper on Socratic AI at ACM Conference on Interactive Media Experiences 2024

Last week, Aline Duelen from Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) had the opportunity to present a paper at the ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences (IMX) in Stockholm, Sweden. The paper, co-authored with Iris Jennes and Wendy Van den Broeck, is titled “Socratic AI Against Disinformation: Improving Critical Thinking to Recognise Disinformation Using Socratic AI.” This research is part of our TITAN project and is published in the ACM Digital Library, which can be accessed here.

Aline standing in front of her printed poster
Aline with her Conference Paper Poster

The paper explores the use of Socratic AI to combat disinformation by enhancing critical thinking skills. This approach aims to help individuals better identify misleading information by engaging them in a more analytical thought process.

Text of the paper abstract
Paper Abstract

The ACM IMX 2024 conference brought together experts in interactive media from around the world. Duelen’s presentation was well-received, generating discussions among attendees. The conference provided a valuable platform for sharing research and networking with peers in the field. The interactions and feedback from the conference are expected to be beneficial for further research and development in the field.

Academic conference poster with lots of text and diagrams
The Conference Poster in Full

The TITAN project team continues to explore the potential of Socratic AI in addressing disinformation. The feedback and insights gained from the ACM IMX 2024 conference will help guide future research efforts. For more updates on the Titan project and related research, keep an eye on our blog for future publications and developments, or sign up fro our newsletter on our home page.


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