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NEW White Paper: Exploring the Nexus of Generative AI and Disinformation

Photo of the White Paper cover.
Photo of White Paper courtesy of EDMO

Following a successful one day symposium last summer, in a collaborative effort by EU co-funded projects TITAN, AI4Media, AI4Trust, and, a comprehensive exploration into the intersection of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and disinformation has been undertaken. This white paper delves into recent advancements, confronts prevailing challenges, and illuminates potential opportunities within this critical domain.

This publication endeavours to enhance comprehension regarding the disinformation-generating capabilities inherent in state-of-the-art AI technologies, alongside the utilisation of AI in pioneering disinformation detection methodologies. Moreover, it elucidates the associated ethical and legal quandaries entwined with these technological advancements.

Under the editorial stewardship of Professor Kalina Bontcheva, from the University of Sheffield (, with support from Francesco Saverio Nucci from Engineering (TITAN) and other cluster colleagues, the collaborative efforts of diverse experts have been consolidated to navigate this intricate landscape.

Key Themes Explored:

  1. Advancements in Generative AI: A meticulous examination of the evolutionary trajectory of Generative AI elucidates its profound impact on the proliferation of disinformation.

  2. Challenges in Detection and Mitigation: The paper meticulously delineates the multifaceted challenges posed by generative AI in the realms of disinformation detection, dissemination, and debunking.

  3. Ethical and Legal Implications: An incisive analysis of the ethical and legal ramifications surrounding the deployment of AI technologies for disinformation-related activities underscores the necessity for robust regulatory frameworks.

  4. Opportunities for Innovation: Amidst the challenges lie latent opportunities for innovation, be it through the development of novel detection methodologies or the enhancement of AI-driven counter-disinformation strategies.

"In our new dynamic world of AI and disinformation, this white paper serves as a cornerstone, shedding light on the intricate interplay between technological advancement, ethical considerations, and regulatory imperatives." - Franceso Saverio Nucci

This collaborative endeavour represents a seminal contribution to the discourse surrounding the nexus of Generative AI and disinformation. By critically assessing recent advancements, confronting prevailing challenges, and illuminating potential opportunities, this white paper serves as a beacon guiding future research and policy formulations in this vital domain.

Download the White Paper below or via the EDMO website.

Download PDF • 1.24MB

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