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TITAN Marks First Birthday With Inaugral Project Review

Happy birthday message to TITAN marking its first project review.

As we marked our one-year anniversary in TITAN, we commemorated this significant milestone by embarking on a crucial first-year review. This event saw the participation of three distinguished experts and our dedicated project officer, all of whom played pivotal roles in evaluating our progress and offering invaluable insights to guide our future endeavours. The review team featured:

  • Frauke Behrendt, an associate professor from Eindhoven University, renowned for her expertise in human and technology sustainable futures, with a decades worth of experience in EC project reviewing.

  • Servane Fauvet, a project manager specialising in research within Orange's leadership division, focusing on accessibility and overseeing responsibilities for Europe and Africa.

  • George Rossos, a distinguished professor and head of computing and mathematical sciences at Birkbeck University of London, with a specialisation in data science and AI applications.

  • Peter Friess, our Project Officer for TITAN, leading research efforts in the battle against disinformation at DG CNECT.

Held online, TITAN’s multidisciplinary consortium from various European countries came together to showcase the first results from our initial year of operation as we work to develop an innovative AI solution that can empower users to detect and mitigate disinformation effectively.

The review presentation encompassed several key aspects, including the project's first co-creation results with citizens, an exploration of our Socratic methodology, and the Large Language model approach. We also provided a first glimpse of structured dialogues, use cases, and the chatbot approach. The reviewers lauded our strong collaboration with a variety of stakeholders, highlighting the essential nature of citizen co-creation in developing a solution that truly resonates with people's needs.

While TITAN's first-year review feedback was predominantly positive, it also revealed some areas for improvement. Constructive feedback from the reviewers included:

  • The necessity to demonstrate that the assumptions underlying software creation align with and do not distort the core tenets of the critical thinking model, particularly in the context of Large Language Models.

  • The potential impact of TITAN's results on critical thinking and online learning, encouraging the adoption of lessons from the learning community, despite not being a learning-focused project.

  • A call for greater explicitness in articulating the philosophical aspects and their connections to technology and user behaviour, recognizing the uniqueness of TITAN in this domain.

The consortium wholeheartedly welcomed these insights and intends to leverage the feedback to build upon the successes of the first year. This includes refining our methodology, broadening our network of collaborators, and addressing the socio-technical-legal challenges that lie ahead. While our approach may evolve and become more defined, our overarching mission remains unwavering: to contribute to the creation of a safer and more trustworthy digital information landscape, benefitting European citizens and beyond.

TITAN Mission - TITAN leverages the opportunity provided by Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven conversational agents to: (i) Co-create solutions to help people identify disinformation through globally relevant use cases; (ii) Enhance public participation – by enhancing critical thinking - in halting the spread of disinformation; (ii) Foster an open technical & policy environment to drive sustainable change

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