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TITAN Presents Paper on 'AI to Fight Disinformation' at Open Living Lab Days 23

TITAN presented its short paper on 'AI to Fight Disinformation' at Open Living Lab Days 2023 in Barcelona and our team from the Danish Board of Technology and VUB learned more about using the Living lab method to create change within digital transformation including the use of AI to boost co-creation with citizens.

TITAN team presenting at Open Living Lab Days

Open Living Lab Days is an annual event that brings together professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts from various domains to exchange knowledge and insights about Living Labs. Living Labs are real-world environments where innovations are tested and developed collaboratively with end-users, enabling stakeholders to co-create solutions that address societal challenges.

One of the central themes of OLLD 2023 is human centric innovation —a process where diverse stakeholders, including citizens, work together to generate ideas, innovate, and contribute to problem-solving. Co-creation has gained prominence in recent years as an essential element of successful digital transformation projects, and this human-centric design approach is at the heart of the TITAN project.

By involving citizens and other stakeholders from the very beginning of the innovation process, we are helping to ensure that our AI-enabled solution for helping people counter disinformation is not only technologically sound but also align with real-world needs. This approach promotes a user-centric mindset, fostering the creation of products and services that genuinely benefit society.

"To limit the challenges that AI entails and ensure the development of a socially accepted and trustworthy AI-system, implementing a citizen-centered approach is necessary." - AI to Fight Disinformation: A Living Lab Approach

We were therefore delighted to share our experiences and findings from our co-creation journey so far with a dedicated paper presentation delivered by Marie Hoff from the Danish Board of Technology and Aline Duelen from VUB. Delegates were able to get a deeper understanding of the workshop techniques we deployed to understand user needs and requirements, and in exchange we were able to gain feedback on our approach.

In our opinion, Open Living Lab Days 23 was an essential gathering for those interested in the intersection of digital transformation, AI, and co-creation. With a focus on co-creation and collaboration, we recommend reading the conference proceedings to gain valuable insights that will shape the future of innovation and technology and create a more inclusive world.

Download the conference proceedings here, and note our paper on AI starts on page 148.

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