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Socratic Insights in the Age of AI: TITAN's Croatian Connection

In September, TITAN partner, the institute of Philosophy & technology (IPT) embarked on a series of events focused on amplifying the power of critical thinking through artificial intelligence.

Photo of Professor Stamatellos of IPT
Professor Stamatellos of IPT

Professor of Philosophy and President of IPT, Giannis Stamatellos, Europe's leading expert in this space, shared his insights and knowledge on critical thinking with audiences at prestigious universities and symposiums in Greece and Croatia.

On September 20th, Professor Stamatellos took part in an online seminar hosted by the Ionian University in Greece. The seminar, titled "Socratic Methodologies and Ethical Enhancement through Artificial Intelligence," explored the intersection of ancient philosophical wisdom and cutting-edge AI technology. Attendees delved into the ways in which Socratic methodologies could be applied to enhance ethical decision-making in the age of AI, especially focusing on TITAN's aims of empowering people through Socratic style chat agents to better spot disinformation.

Screen shot from the Ionian University webinar showing TITAN
Screenshot from the Ionian university webinar

Just five days later Professor Stamatellos travelled to Split University in Croatia to deliver a university lecture upon invitation. The lecture, titled "Socratic Ethics and the Foundations of Western Moral Philosophy," was an enlightening exploration of the philosophical underpinnings of Western ethics and how these principles could inform the ethical development of AI systems. This event drew AI enthusiasts and philosophy scholars eager to understand more about the history and ethical dimensions of socratic thinking and how it can be applied to AI-enabled dialogues supporting learning and up-skilling.

Professor Stamatellos presenting TITAN at Split University
Professor Stamatellos presenting TITAN at Split University

Students listening to Professor Stamatellos
Students listening to Professor Stamatellos

The week ended between September 27th to 30th with TITAN's participation at the International Interdisciplinary Symposium in Cres, Croatia. This time Professor Stamatellos delivered a plenary lecture titled "Socratic Dialogue and Critical Thinking in Today's World." This symposium offered a unique platform for scholars, experts, and thought leaders from diverse fields to engage in meaningful discussions on critical thinking, dialogue, and their relevance in our modern, technologically-driven society to help tackle the ever growing problem of false information online.

Professor Stamatellos deliveriong a plenary address in Cres
Professor Stamatellos deliveriong a plenary address in Cres

The week provided a thought-provoking journey through the realms of philosophy and ethics in the context of disinformation and artificial intelligence. As society continues to grapple with the ethical implications of AI, initiatives like TITAN play a pivotal role in fostering dialogue and critical thinking and showing how AI can be used to enhance human skills, not replace them. By blending ancient wisdom with cutting-edge technology, TITAN aims to charter a path towards a more ethically conscious and responsible AI-powered future.

For more information on our work with Socratic thinking visit our knowledge hub, and subscribe for updates in the footer below.

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