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Unveiling the Power of AI in Combating Disinformation: New Podcast About TITAN in Danish

Article translated from Danish on IDA.DK podcast website:

Danes are concerned about misinformation 61% of Danes are nervous about misinformation and fake news, deepfake videos, and manipulated photos on the internet. This is shown by the latest survey from the project ADD - algorithms, data, and democracy.

We live in a time where anyone can create a fake video or a fake audio recording, or have a generative AI write a text or an article that looks like it's written by a real journalist or published in a real media outlet. At the same time, we are entering a year with elections in the USA, Russia, the EU, and many other places around the globe.

A stream of disinformation is going to flow into our inboxes, into our social media, and elsewhere. And this disinformation turns into misinformation when we start sharing it with all the friends we have on social media. And then we're in trouble because it spreads completely exponentially.

Screenshot of the podcast player
Podcast screenshot from IDA DK - listen in Danish

The ADD project, Algorithms, Data, and Democracy, conducts some large-scale surveys, and the latest focus is precisely on misinformation. What is the Danish attitude towards it? It turns out that we are really, really concerned about misinformation. You can hear more about it on Techtopia, where we also visit the Danish Board of Technology, which is involved in an EU-funded project aimed at constructing a chatbot that can teach internet users to think critically.


Nana Holstein, Chief Analyst, Monday Morning Think Tank

Marie Hoff, Project Manager, Danish Board of Technology

Sissel Ladegaard, Project Manager, Danish Board of Technology

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