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TITAN Invited to Present at Media Literacy Expert Group Meeting in Brussels

Advert for Media Literacy Expert Group Meeting

TITAN has been honoured with an invitation to present at the Media Literacy Expert Group Meeting scheduled for February 26th in Brussels. Led by Francesco Saverio Nucci from Engineering, the TITAN reseach and innovation project has garnered attention for its innovative approach using critical thinking to tackle disinformation which is particularly useful during crucial junctures like elections. With our coordinator set to take part in a panel discussion titled 'EU-funded projects to promote media literacy in times of elections', the stage is set for TITAN to showcase its initiatives and perspectives to a group of industry experts.

The panel, scheduled for 13:30, features TITAN alongside another prominent project, Think Twice. This session offers a prime opportunity for Nucci and the TITAN team to elucidate their strategies and methodologies for combating disinformation and promoting critical thinking skills among citizens. By sharing insights and best practices into how we are leveraging AI to achieve our aims, TITAN aims to contribute to a comprehensive understanding of how technology can support thinking and literacy aims.

Throughout the day, the Expert Group Meeting will feature a diverse array of sessions, each addressing different facets of media literacy. From exploring the media literacy activities of EDMO and its hubs in preparation for elections to discussing the integration of AI literacy into media literacy, the agenda reflects the multifaceted nature of the challenges at hand. These discussions are expected to provide valuable insights and foster collaboration among stakeholders in the field.

For TITAN, participation in events like the Expert Group Meeting is not only an opportunity to showcase ongoing initiatives but also a chance to engage with fellow experts and stakeholders. The Q&A session following the panel discussions will offer a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas, enriching the discourse on media literacy and its implications for democratic processes. It is through such collaborative efforts that meaningful progress can be made in addressing the complexities of media literacy in today's digital age.

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